October 18


I l0ve my Cousins! They are really really really cute! Here are their names. Piper, Cass, Charlie,  Myla , Addy, Ryan, Brinley, and Carson.

Myla                                   Piper                    Piper                   Cass                   Me and charlie

                                Mom, Jonah, Piper, and Me.

July 12

2nd Grade

Second Grade has been so fun! I love all of my friends and teachers and buddies. There all so kind. I love the way my teacher is so kind. My friends always so kind to me and they are always there when I’m hurt or sad. The learning really fun to. I love reading and writhing the most though. We get to read fun and funny books too. One of my favorite books my teacher read was how to dig a hole in the center on the world. I think it was called that. I dunno. I love my school and I never wanna leave! I really happy to be a Third Grader next Year! 

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July 9


Jonah is my twin brother. He is older than me by a a minute. His full name is Jonah James Mason. My full name is Lucia Jean Mason. Jonah and I always get along. Sometimes we play together. I love my brother because he is super sweet and he is my TWIN! I will tell you about what happened when we were born. When I came out of my Mothers tummy I could not breathe and when Jonah came out he was skinny. Me and Jonah have been in the same class every single year. Oh see the picture of me and Jonah? Jonah is the BEST! Bye



April 4

Palm Springs

I had a wonderful time at Palm Springs. On Saturday, March 17th me and my brother Jonah left school for three days. Saturday I woke up and watched some TV. Then I packed a toy bag (not really a toy bag. Its more of an art bag.) My mom drove my brothers to basketball practice. Me and my mom finished packing. My mom picked Jonah and Lincoln up from basketball practice. When my Mom came home we got all the bags and suit cases in the car. We all got in the car and drove to the airport. When we parked an lifted the trunk there was no purple suitcase. I said MOM!! MY SUITCASE! My mom was like oh no I’m sorry I forget…… so you get ALL new clothes! Yes I said. We walked in the airport and waited in line to take off in the air! (WOW! *That did sound good* ) When we got in the airplane I stared reading a book. It was Dork Diaries. On the plane I got to sit by my mom. ( *which I always love sitting by my mom.*) Wow! The plane took off. It was really hard to read, but I kept reading. It’s been a half an hour and I stopped reading and did some of my iPad. Then I toke a nap. ZZZZZZ….. ! The plane landed. I got up and got my art/toy bag. Wow! It’s warm! We got our car and went to our hotel. Sometimes I went to sleep on the floor, and sometimes I went to sleep on the bed. No matter I always had a good time in Palm Springs. We went to the ocean one time and the pool the WHOLE week! In time we had to leave. Oh I have to leave. 


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March 24


Pandas are really cute and cuddly. But they can be dangerous of the claws but they are really cute and it does not seem like it because they look really cute. Panda and koalas are both bears. They are in the bear family. The bear family includes polar bears, grizzly bear, koala, brown bear, and panda. Pandas love to roll down hills. They eat bamboo. The bamboo makes up all of the pandas diet.  All of their day they eat, sleep, and roll. Mostly eat bamboo Ill say.  Pandas predators are jackals, snow leopards, and yellow throated martens. Here are six facts about Pandas. All Pandas in the world are loan from China. About 2,000 Pandas are found are the wild. 99% for a Pandas diet consists of bamboo. Here is a funny one. Pandas can poop. The giant Panda is actually a bear. Young elephants, pandas, koalas, and hippos eat the feces of their mothers.

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March 12

My Life

My life is lots of things, Soccer or my  friend Pay Pay ( as in Payton!  Ann! White!) One day when Me and Pay Pay where playing on the swings and I made up a joke and said I’m moving and Pay Pay  freaked out.  She was like your my only best friend! I’ll Be alone and lulhttps://luciam17.edublogs.org/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=pageu burst out laughing. I’m joking! I’m joking! Chapter two Soccer. I was on a soccer team with Pay Pay and we played one game together on the weekend. It was so fun! We won. Sydney in our class was in our team to. When the hard game was over Pay Pay said bye and I said bye and gave her a hug. Chapter three friendship.  Everyday me and Pay pay play together as friends. End of short short Chapter. Chapter four School. School  is fine I guess. I get hot lunch twice or once a week. The rest of the week I have home lunch which is always turkey and cheese. When I grow up I want to be a teacher or writer who writes books. I love typing on my lap top. School can be a little not as fun type you know.  School sometimes ROCKS!  ( but sometimes we learn about rocks. )  ( What who said the school was a rock?)  Chapter Five Google Slides. They have Google slides at school and we have to do two reports on two Animals. I picked Panda and Koala’s. They both are in the forest . There both cool and awesome animals. They are also both bears, it may not seem like it but it is true. I love this fact about Koalas it is Koalas are pink when they are born. Oh! I have one more. It is when Koalas are born, They are as small as a jelly bean. Sorry that’s all I can talk about Today.                                                                                       Bye!!!!!!!!
















February 3


Koala’s are super cool! They are a type of bear. There four types of bears. They are a polar bears, koalas, pandas, and also black bears. You know, Koalas are found in the eucalyptus forests of eastern Australia. They have grey fur with a cream – colored chest, and strong, clawed  feet, perfect for living in the beaches of tree’s.  Koala have thick fur so they stay’s warm. Body parts can help a animal survive in the wild but koala’s have fur. You know, a baby koala is pink when it’s born and a baby koala is called a Joey. The baby stay’s in the mother pouch for a while. Now you know a little about koala’s.

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January 31


Friends are people that care about you and love to play with you! This is not a friend, someone who is super mean you. A friend it someone who shares your feelings and someone you can be happy together with. Also if your a girl or a boy you can have ANYONE as your friend, even a grown ups! Having a friend is one way to be happy!!! Today we learned at school that we have a buddy bench and it is for when you do not have a friend or want to play something  then someone will say hey you lets play! Also friend’s are the meaning of friendship!!

What is friendship and see if you can make a new friend?



January 23

Mrs. Amri

Mrs. Amri is my teacher at Stafford Primary School. She is super nice! She loves New York and pasta with meat balls. Her real name is Jody Amri!  She is the best teacher ever!  Also one year she won teacher of the year! We are learning about rocks at school. We read a book about  how to dig a hole in the center of the earth! School is  fun but also dancing!

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January 23


Family. I love my family so much! I have 5 people in my family. There are Lincoln, Jonah, me ( Lucia) Mom, and Dad. I will tell you about them. Lincoln is in 5th grade, He loves xbox , football and also basketball. Jonah likes basketball and sports. Jonah is in 2d grade. I love art, ,music, dancing and also soccer. Also I am in 2nd grade which Jonah is my twin. Next is my Mom Natalie, which she is 38. Last but not least my dad Curtis, he is 39 years old. Now you know about the Mason  Family (Which Mason Is my last name!)